Monthly Archives: May 2008

i love steve and sam

You know when I flew into North Carolina I was going to fly in the evening before to just hang out with Steve and Sam. But the flight arrived late so we had to do the shoot in the morning right before flying out to Seattle. Coming from Seattle where the weather was so crummy...

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monday mystery pic #5

Simple rules: First one to guess the Monday Mystery Pic gets a $5 Starbucks Card.

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neesie’s birthday

Our dear friends the Allen’s invited us up to their house for Neesie’s birthday today. How good it was just to be with them with laughter, prayer, and stories. The Allen’s even made a fruit tart for Neesie that was incredible. In addition my parents came too. Thanks again Allen’s for making such a wonderful...

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click before you drive

No it’s not a blog on seatbelts. It’s a suggestion to check online for where the best prices of gas are before heading out. Just click on where they have all the updated information nationwide. With gas prices fluctuating so much every day between stations this could really save – especially on this Memorial...

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gary fong origami review

I purchased the Origami from Gary Fong several months ago because I love to keep things tight and compact. Although the Whaletail does a wonderful job I just preferred having the compact diffuser. But here is the deal, after folding and re-folding it, I found the seams started to break. I performed first-aid on each...

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